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Screening/ Assessments

While only a trained clinician can diagnose a gambling addiction, screening tools and assessments can be used to help someone identify if there are risks that indicate they could be struggling with their gambling.


Self-help workbooks and guides can help someone who is motivated to stop gambling or to reduce the problems associated with gambling. These tools can be effective but are not a substitute for professional help.


Gamban is a software for blocking gambling sites and applications which can be used on computers, laptops, tables and mobile devices. It is free for residents of North Carolina and can be a powerful too to aid in willpower and reduce risk of returning to gambling.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion

For those who find themselves compelled to gamble, Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) is an option available at casinos in North Carolina and with the lottery. VSE is a tool to help individuals struggling with a gambling problem to exclude or ban themselves out of legal North Carolina gambling locations.